Introducing: Fairlawn Project

Thanks to an anonymous donor we have just received 4/5 of an acre of undeveloped hillside in Wilkinsburg, PA with a promise to protect the land and restore balance– providing a destination for those seeking nature.

Home is a Habitat


Eight humans stand behind two freshly built planter boxes with a wheel barrow and shovels in between. A person's head peeks above an a frame sign that states "Unity Garden, where community grows". The lot sits in front of a Family Dollar store.


We support production and distribution of fresh local produce and food by utilizing distressed and underutilized properties for food production, green spaces, and ecological support. 

A hand holds a terracotta pot with holes drilled into its base to allow the green leafy plant inside it to sprout. The pot is held just above the rim of a mason jar filled with water, in which the pot sits to allow sprouting of the plant.


We empower people to embrace the experimental development and application of Do It Yourself (DIY) home gardening techniques, by providing related educational and informational resources online.


We promote and model a thriving community by meeting the needs of humans and the natural resources upon which we depend, focusing on the enhancement of nature in an urban context.

Greentech Rising Organization, Inc. is a 501(C)(3 ) non-profit organization intended as a purely public charity. Our mission centers on improving communities through education and the practical application of science and low budget, environmentally friendly green technology. Our focus includes, bringing food to food deserts, bringing green spaces to distressed spaces, mitigating storm water runoff, enhancing human community, and facilitating a new natural ecosystem in the urban environment.    


We believe that community is stronger when it includes people and nature. As such, we want to help local communities restore nature within urban landscapes.         

Your tax deductible donation helps our sprouting organization grow!

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EIN number: 86-3061195


David Cattell, Secretary-Treasurer: 412-376-7186 

Timothy Cattell, President: 412-935-7072



President, Timothy Cattell:

Secretary-Treasurer, David Cattell:


Greentech Rising Organization, Inc.

1420 Laketon Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15221-1646